The Looks

The progression to the transition…..IMG_3534.JPG





The Natural Notion

Long hair. I’ve always loved it. Achieving it and the politics involved are a whole different ballgame. Thanks to a bad experience as a youngster with track weave, I decided early on that between the possibility of it coming out and the intense itch that I suffered from my thick hair being braided and sweating, track weave was NOT for me. I kept my hair braided during stressful periods for years and typically wore my hair relaxed. Through the years people would compliment my braided or relaxed styles and, I would feel like they only thought I was beautiful because I had these artificial modifications. I began experimenting with natural hair. My poor hair was so dry as I tried to force it to be straight. I had no idea which products to use nor the patience to figure it out. Back to the creamy crack. This dance continued even when I moved to Florida. I hadn’t actually been planning on going natural when I began the journey this time around. The intense demands of my nursing program caused me to want low maintenance hair, so the braids were a typical choice for me. Fake hair itches my skin. Human and synthetic. I’m also afraid that I’m getting fake hair even when I buy real hair. Who’s hair is this anyway? So, after graduation I thought about ways that I could manage my hair and, I considered SisterLocs. I love my hair. Flat out. It’s coarse and has a tendency to be dry. It’s also thick and extremely coily but, I love it all the same. I also knew that I would prefer to wait to do anything drastic like that after my hair grew out some more. So, I was stuck STILL with braids. Luckily, God intervened. My niece had a beautiful twist out and I loved it. I talked with my natural hair stylist about doing a twist out for me with about 8 months of new growth. It came out, ok. The funny, thing is I didn’t know that it was just ok. I went home twisted it, fluffed it and pinned it and voilà!!! My natural swag was born!! My cousins and I picked out new make-up for me. I, for some reason think that I should wear lipstick with my natural and felt less inclined to do so with fake hair. These rituals are just for me, I don’t think there is a right way or wrong way but, for me I prefer the lipstick. My mother, did some awesome research as she typically does and suggested products that I may like because of course, my stubborn hair was again DRY! I started with several Cantu Shea butter products. My hair responds well to shea butter. At the time I was using an olive oil shampoo and Cantu Shea butter products post-wash. I saw improvement in the continued moisture through the week as my natural styles seem to acquire buildup within two weeks if not, sooner. However, still dry. I increased my hair care regimen to include more Cantu Shea butter products including their shampoo. Yum. My hair ate that up. I also spotlighted with a curl defining cream and Argan oil from another product line. Absolutely adore the results. Loving, LOVING my natural hair. Finally I can manage my own hair in it’s relatively natural form. My cousin braids and twists it for me as I am not gifted like she is. The maintenance I can do. However, I have done some experiments to see the worse my hair can look and what I can do if my cousin isn’t available. Most of my natural looks are attainable with some patience and a dryer. Still loving the journey.






Love Hate, painfully great

When people ask me how’s school going, I smile and struggle to answer. I know that sounds odd, but……

You ever meet someone and fall in love (or lust), and the relationship is all shiny and new…… It grows, there are ups and downs, joys and pains, and the beloved awkward. Once it matures, it’s a beautiful thing…. There’s always been a thin line between love and hate…..

So, with that said, I’m at the point where we have grown and I see maturity in sight as far school is concerned. The point just before that is where I am at! I have coined it painfully great!!!!

The effort I put forth and the emotions involved are painful. The experiences are great, the unexpected rewards of helping people, loving them, priceless.

The successes, the failures, the prayers, the long nights, the griping and moaning, the impossible reading assignments, the CTSD, all a part of the experience…. And it’s painfully great. As long as I don’t get kicked out, it will prolly stay that way, or get even better!
Come to find out, being a nurse may be painfully great…….



Nurse Talk

I just want to know why nursing books speak in super medical lingo ur first several terms and then Start speaking in Plain English when ur almost done…. If u spoke English at first it might not have taken 4 terms to get ur point across…. For example just call ascites, liver sweat. #mythoughts


School days!!!!


This is why I moved here

As I kicked off the first official beach class of the season I am reminded of how much I love the ocean and why I stayed here…..







Farmville funeral home now offers drive-thru viewing

[ooyala code=”0xdmp0YzrVxfyXF-24oog4I14fyHPXBI” player_id=”6c21d43b06ee4460a29e40d9542c86ae”]FARMVILLE, Va. (WTVR)—The drive-thru itself was an innovative concept, but at this one, it’s unlikely you can order any fries or a shake.

Carl Eggleston of Farmville believes in innovation when it comes to his funeral business. After 30 years in the business, he’s seen some changes and he’s tried to be one who keeps up with the times and needs of families.

Next month he’ll have cameras installed in the chapel, so services can be viewed online for family out-of-state. He’s already seen many grieving families choose to have their loved ones fingerprints made into rings, pendants and ear rings.

But now he’s leading the way in Virginia with a new service, the drive-thru.

“You can stay in your car and ride by this window, see your loved one–also see when the place and time of service is going to be held, on this board here–without leaving your…

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Dog To Owner Relationships Similar To That Of Babies And Their Parents, Study Finds

Seen At 11: Colleges, Universities Crack Down On ‘Study Drugs’

CBS New York

[worldnow id=9029327 width=420 height=266 type=video]

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — More than a third of college students take prescription medications to help them study – even if they don’t have a prescription.

But as CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson reported, when students return to school after summer break, they may find it a lot harder to get their hands on the so-called “study drugs.”

One overwhelmed college freshman said taking medication intended for attention deficit disorder gave him a boost. He said he already had a lot of friends who were on the medication.

“I had taken some of theirs and that helped me,” said the student, who asked not to be identified.

It is all part of a growing college trend called “academic doping.” Students use stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin to help them focus and achieve academic excellence.

And many take the drugs without a prescription – or…

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Looks like Collard Greens To Me

I know that these aren’t super sized collard greens but that’s what they look like to me….