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Battling Burn Out; the Big Bad Bully!


Talk about Big Bad Bullies let’s discuss the “Burnout Beast”. Ever been immersed in a project, whatever that me be….an educational endeavor, a garden, a church ministry, family reunion or even a relationship and the hum drum stagnancy sets in??? The shiny newness wears off and the sensation of wonderment and pride is replaced with proverbial taste of castor oil and black licorice. This is a blog where I need your help. I don’t know how to beat the bully!!! LOL

In the past, it has taken “stick to-it ness” as my Pastor says. You must first have the Lord, I see. I have had some ups and downs that honestly made me want to have a temper tantrum and sometimes I did. “If it had not been for the LORD”, and don’t get me wrong I am not all holier than thou. I can however, testify. I am trying to establish a routine of self nurturing and maintenance to promote a defense against burnout. I am attempting to create and partake of a healthier and more natural diet that will encourage a healthy attitude and feeling, ya know? Assist with the mental aspect of it all. Getting back to praying and reading my Bible….. For me time management has been the biggest issue since being in nursing school. Followed behind then using the time I have in a focused matter. But, the human nature part is a mofo! Your brain and perhaps spirit naturally want a time of rest and decline. A time of “chill” and me, I seem to take it and then wallow in guilt because I had 9,000 things I should be doing! What are your thoughts?


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