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My first day of RN school…. Sorta Kinda


Ok, not exactly my first day of RN school at all. But, it is my first day ever blogging about it! Join me for this splendid stroll through my transformation. So far, it has been amazing. Difficult and very emotional. That was the surprising part to me. The emotional aspect that is totally unrelated to patient suffering but, more linked to the dynamics of the program. My program is smaller and we are clustered into groups of about 20, give or take. The attitudes, mood swings, departures, touch each of our lives in ways that were unforeseeable, much like the dynamics of a professional family. This process is sometimes so painful and awkward. It is hard to put into words. So here, we are,  the end of Med Surg 1. Major Exhale…. Unit exam, skills performance exam and final exam. term over!!!!

Mini-break barely time for a refuel and on to the next leg of this trip. Med Surg 2 and Psych Nursing, mental health. Ooh Rah (shout out). The biggest issue is a self vs. self conflict. Remain focused. Way easier said than done. Prayer must be the answer. It’s almost as if I am a strap that has carried the load through many of trips and now the threads are pulling and popping. I am yearning to wrench free of the load and be free! Free of what? You either then get re-attached without the original glamour or you get tossed away,( in the event that you are a handle on let’s say a purse or something)! Perhaps, I better cling to my dream and sanity and try to keep those wild threads in check and on the grindstone…… The madness within that spills out while in RN school.



  1. antwon says:

    Nice blog post, I am sure upcoming and current Nursing Students will be able to relate. I know I did.


    • I know that’s right! That’s my goal is to help anyone who is interested figure out whatever it is they need to know about nursing school. Granted, I don’t know everything but, lets talk about what I do know!

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