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I love good publicity in the AM


As I thanked God and started my day I tinkered around with what would I blog about today? I’m nu to this, and still finding my groove. The original title woulda been “Wonderful Wednesday”. I prefer to live on cloud 9 but, nothing extraordinary had happened yet and I wasn’t sure people would dig my random acclamations of wonderful -ness. Then the phone rang (Girl interrupted). Someone wanted a private CPR class for two pronto! Amen to that, Lord knows I need the cash (college student, menos dinero!). FaceBook Message: “Welcome to (the place where the guys need the class at. Don’t wanna give out an unearned free plug! just kidding!) Word of mouth advertising is a powerful thing 😉”. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT. Being able to teach CPR has been truly awesome! Empowering people to help people when they need it most, which could obviously result in saving lives! Plus, I get to meet cool people? Learn a lot and I got to move to Florida ( my long time dream, that no one thought I would really get to do). I can testify, With God all things ARE possible. I promise. Anyway, maybe this story was funnier in reality? LOL. For your private or scheduled CPR class, feel free to comment below and visit us at http://www.peopleschoicecpr.com or on FaceBook




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