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Check my prostate please


So…… I think we are all agreed, no one looks forward to a medical digital rectal exam. Why would we? Because it could mean the matter of life and death. Men and particularly minorities are dying from prostate cancer which could have been prevented with early screening and detection. I’m at a health conference and they are giving us (black folks) the business on poor participation so we can have accurate data.
Why don’t men go and get screened?? (The ones that don’t). I guess we covered that already. I want to know, what would make men want to go and get checked????
Love of life, loved ones, accessibility, money???? It is unlikely that others will pay for you to go see about your health care, I’m just saying.
But ladies, we are not responsibility free. We need to educate and encourage men to get their prostrates checked because life without men, at least for me would be like the end of the world.




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