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Final finale (spring 2013)


Yes! Thank God! Another term behind us! Nothing like a good old final exam with last minute changes to the material included and the time and place of the exam! So curious if this was the case for other nursing students? As I look back, I can remember one of my friends saying that nursing school was insane. Many times I have reflected on that conversation and it is so true! However, the craziness is almost to crazy to describe hence her usage of the term insane. I don’t even know how I got through this term, Oh! Yes I do! God did it! The pressures of life and anything accelerated are often “insane” for the working class. I barely can think ahead to next term yet it is just over a week away! My perceptions of time have become warped since this RN program and in forgetting how to spell words I know, I know how to spell, smh. I wonder if I have my new made up disease? Concurrent traumatic stress disorder…… It’s happening as your goings through the torture? Don’t get me wrong I love RN school but often it hurts.


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