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Love,Hate, Painfully Great

When people ask me how’s school going, I smile and struggle to answer. I know that sounds odd, but……

You ever meet someone and fall in love (or lust), and the relationship is all shiny and new…… It grows, there are ups and downs, joys and pains, and the beloved awkward. Once it matures, it’s a beautiful thing…. There’s always been a thin line between love and hate…..

So, with that said, I’m at the point where we have grown and I see maturity in sight as far school is concerned. The point just before that is where I am at! I have coined it painfully great!!!!

The effort I put forth and the emotions involved are painful. The experiences are great, the unexpected rewards of helping people, loving them, priceless.

The successes, the failures, the prayers, the long nights, the griping and moaning, the impossible reading assignments, the CTSD, all a part of the experience…. And it’s painfully great. As long as I don’t get kicked out, it will prolly stay that way, or get even better!
Come to find out, being a nurse may be painfully great…….




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