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The Natural Notion

Long hair. I’ve always loved it. Achieving it and the politics involved are a whole different ballgame. Thanks to a bad experience as a youngster with track weave, I decided early on that between the possibility of it coming out and the intense itch that I suffered from my thick hair being braided and sweating, track weave was NOT for me. I kept my hair braided during stressful periods for years and typically wore my hair relaxed. Through the years people would compliment my braided or relaxed styles and, I would feel like they only thought I was beautiful because I had these artificial modifications. I began experimenting with natural hair. My poor hair was so dry as I tried to force it to be straight. I had no idea which products to use nor the patience to figure it out. Back to the creamy crack. This dance continued even when I moved to Florida. I hadn’t actually been planning on going natural when I began the journey this time around. The intense demands of my nursing program caused me to want low maintenance hair, so the braids were a typical choice for me. Fake hair itches my skin. Human and synthetic. I’m also afraid that I’m getting fake hair even when I buy real hair. Who’s hair is this anyway? So, after graduation I thought about ways that I could manage my hair and, I considered SisterLocs. I love my hair. Flat out. It’s coarse and has a tendency to be dry. It’s also thick and extremely coily but, I love it all the same. I also knew that I would prefer to wait to do anything drastic like that after my hair grew out some more. So, I was stuck STILL with braids. Luckily, God intervened. My niece had a beautiful twist out and I loved it. I talked with my natural hair stylist about doing a twist out for me with about 8 months of new growth. It came out, ok. The funny, thing is I didn’t know that it was just ok. I went home twisted it, fluffed it and pinned it and voilĂ !!! My natural swag was born!! My cousins and I picked out new make-up for me. I, for some reason think that I should wear lipstick with my natural and felt less inclined to do so with fake hair. These rituals are just for me, I don’t think there is a right way or wrong way but, for me I prefer the lipstick. My mother, did some awesome research as she typically does and suggested products that I may like because of course, my stubborn hair was again DRY! I started with several Cantu Shea butter products. My hair responds well to shea butter. At the time I was using an olive oil shampoo and Cantu Shea butter products post-wash. I saw improvement in the continued moisture through the week as my natural styles seem to acquire buildup within two weeks if not, sooner. However, still dry. I increased my hair care regimen to include more Cantu Shea butter products including their shampoo. Yum. My hair ate that up. I also spotlighted with a curl defining cream and Argan oil from another product line. Absolutely adore the results. Loving, LOVING my natural hair. Finally I can manage my own hair in it’s relatively natural form. My cousin braids and twists it for me as I am not gifted like she is. The maintenance I can do. However, I have done some experiments to see the worse my hair can look and what I can do if my cousin isn’t available. Most of my natural looks are attainable with some patience and a dryer. Still loving the journey.







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