Final finale (spring 2013)

Yes! Thank God! Another term behind us! Nothing like a good old final exam with last minute changes to the material included and the time and place of the exam! So curious if this was the case for other nursing students? As I look back, I can remember one of my friends saying that nursing school was insane. Many times I have reflected on that conversation and it is so true! However, the craziness is almost to crazy to describe hence her usage of the term insane. I don’t even know how I got through this term, Oh! Yes I do! God did it! The pressures of life and anything accelerated are often “insane” for the working class. I barely can think ahead to next term yet it is just over a week away! My perceptions of time have become warped since this RN program and in forgetting how to spell words I know, I know how to spell, smh. I wonder if I have my new made up disease? Concurrent traumatic stress disorder…… It’s happening as your goings through the torture? Don’t get me wrong I love RN school but often it hurts.

Check my prostate please

So…… I think we are all agreed, no one looks forward to a medical digital rectal exam. Why would we? Because it could mean the matter of life and death. Men and particularly minorities are dying from prostate cancer which could have been prevented with early screening and detection. I’m at a health conference and they are giving us (black folks) the business on poor participation so we can have accurate data.
Why don’t men go and get screened?? (The ones that don’t). I guess we covered that already. I want to know, what would make men want to go and get checked????
Love of life, loved ones, accessibility, money???? It is unlikely that others will pay for you to go see about your health care, I’m just saying.
But ladies, we are not responsibility free. We need to educate and encourage men to get their prostrates checked because life without men, at least for me would be like the end of the world.



Drummer with a remixed beat, crazy, eclectic, surfer girl

There are many things that people will think about you and some thoughts will be vocalized. You may (if ur like me), have the pleasure of hearing some of these things. Anyway, my good friend and RN skool buddy, says (via FaceBook), “you drive kinda crazy, be safe”, ( I’m heading as we speak to a conference out of town). As a woman who was hit twice within one year by lovely Florida drivers, I furrowed my brow in response to this commentary. I realized that I am often described as crazy and that my driving was probably no different.
This led me to think about that phrase, “marching to one’s own beat”. Yea, I definitely jacked the drummer for his instrument and remixed that thang! I screw up the tempo sometimes but, it’s a best that’s all my own and besides its fun. I suggest YOU try it. Oh yea, I do love surfing.


Get CPR and First Aid Certified

I can help with that, LOL. But, seriously.

Tips for Living Your Best Life

Years back, I was required to obtain my CPR and First Aid certifications from the American Red Cross for a part-time job at my university’s fitness center. I’ve renewed the certifications for several of my scuba diving certifications (Rescue Diver and Divemaster) as well. Knowing how to properly handle a medical emergency is, in my opinion, one of the most important skill sets that you can develop. While you will hopefully never need to utilize those skills, quickly and effectively responding to a dangerous situation may save a person’s life. During the course, you will learn how to assess the scene of an emergency, when to call 911, how to determine what care the victim needs, and the signs and symptoms of heart attack, stroke, and common illnesses. If you are already certified, consider brushing up on your skills through either a refresher class or by reviewing your class…

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Learning CPR Could Help You Save A Life


CBS Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) – Do you know the leading killer of Detroiters and all Americans?

If you guessed heart attack, you’d be wrong.

It’s actually sudden cardiac arrest — an electrical interruption in the heart’s rhythm. Doctors say 95 percent of people who experience sudden cardiac arrest don’t survive, and in Detroit, the odds are even worse.

Talking to WWJ Health Reporter Sean Lee during National CPR Awareness week, Wayne State ER Doctor Brian O’Neil said your best chance at surviving cardiac arrest  is someone performing hands-only Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

“If you’re doing CPR without breaths you’ll save more patients,”  O’Neil said. “The breaths actually stop you from doing CPR. It doesn’t do anything for the bellows. You’re not moving any oxygen, so you don’t need to add any oxygen.”

O’Neil said only about 40 percent of Americans  know the life-saving technique — and studies show that even people trained in CPR are often reluctant to do…

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The struggle within EXPANDS…..”She’s more religious, than most women”.

What to Blog? What to blog? I was mulling over writing an article about the wonderful feeling of going to the bathroom after a long long long wait and successfully making it. I actually had  this experience today…..But, as I began to write and scrutinize connections between this feeling and dehydration…I realized…. WHACKNESS. Mission ABORT.

Later, in the day… I reflected on a comment one of my friends made. We were having a conversation about me crushing on some guy….I must have made some reference to God and how I couldn’t keep throwing myself at him. He turns to his girlfriend and says “She’s more religious, than most women”. Mind you, until three years ago I was an irregular church attending woman; and to this day, I have problems with conformity. So to think of myself as in the “more religious” crew, is a new idea. Not sure, how I feel about it. Happy about the spiritual growth with Christ, definitely. Undoubtedly happy with the growth I have experienced as a woman, hadn’t thought of my religion as growing.

I have loved Christ since I was a girl but, didn’t attend church regularly until I was a young adult. So, I sorta review religion as church politics. Not such a fan. However, I now love MY church. So, I have learned a great deal more about church politics. My love for Christ is separate of my church politics.

But, really am I more religious than most women? That’s a scary thought. I guess it depends on who you know. It must vary some by region as well. I know somewhere in America there are Americans saving themselves for marriage and they are probably surrounded by other people doing the same thing, they are probably more religious than I am. I also know everyone isn’t just throwing themselves at the next person they find attractive in order to merely gain a liking and perhaps many of them aren’t very religious…. But, then again you just never know. Nothing is ever as it seems, even with me…..

The self perception often doesn’t match the perceptions others have of you. So, now the struggle of understanding oneself deepens as you also try to see the perceptions others have of you….But, why? (A whole different blog, LOL).

But, the spooky thing is…to some I am “that more religious” person and perhaps I need to step it up. Yet, thank God for the increase, cause I am better than I was, with room yet to grow. I only care what others think, because I want to uplift folk and if I am coming across other than uplifting, I want to work on that….. Other than that we should realize that only God can truly do the judging cause other folk are going to talk about you, and that is a FACT (especially in the south, I think).

So as for me, I just keep trucking and reveling in the blessings God has bestowed upon me; like being free to be ME and LOVING it. Yet, still dredging through the everyday muck and mire of life for working class folks. I am not at all resentful of that because most of my problems are caused by lack of money. People who have money, seem to have problems not related to money; and, those in my opinion are often worse than not having enough cash flow.

I love good publicity in the AM

As I thanked God and started my day I tinkered around with what would I blog about today? I’m nu to this, and still finding my groove. The original title woulda been “Wonderful Wednesday”. I prefer to live on cloud 9 but, nothing extraordinary had happened yet and I wasn’t sure people would dig my random acclamations of wonderful -ness. Then the phone rang (Girl interrupted). Someone wanted a private CPR class for two pronto! Amen to that, Lord knows I need the cash (college student, menos dinero!). FaceBook Message: “Welcome to (the place where the guys need the class at. Don’t wanna give out an unearned free plug! just kidding!) Word of mouth advertising is a powerful thing 😉”. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT. Being able to teach CPR has been truly awesome! Empowering people to help people when they need it most, which could obviously result in saving lives! Plus, I get to meet cool people? Learn a lot and I got to move to Florida ( my long time dream, that no one thought I would really get to do). I can testify, With God all things ARE possible. I promise. Anyway, maybe this story was funnier in reality? LOL. For your private or scheduled CPR class, feel free to comment below and visit us at or on FaceBook



Bathroom Shot!


Battling Burn Out; the Big Bad Bully!

Talk about Big Bad Bullies let’s discuss the “Burnout Beast”. Ever been immersed in a project, whatever that me be….an educational endeavor, a garden, a church ministry, family reunion or even a relationship and the hum drum stagnancy sets in??? The shiny newness wears off and the sensation of wonderment and pride is replaced with proverbial taste of castor oil and black licorice. This is a blog where I need your help. I don’t know how to beat the bully!!! LOL

In the past, it has taken “stick to-it ness” as my Pastor says. You must first have the Lord, I see. I have had some ups and downs that honestly made me want to have a temper tantrum and sometimes I did. “If it had not been for the LORD”, and don’t get me wrong I am not all holier than thou. I can however, testify. I am trying to establish a routine of self nurturing and maintenance to promote a defense against burnout. I am attempting to create and partake of a healthier and more natural diet that will encourage a healthy attitude and feeling, ya know? Assist with the mental aspect of it all. Getting back to praying and reading my Bible….. For me time management has been the biggest issue since being in nursing school. Followed behind then using the time I have in a focused matter. But, the human nature part is a mofo! Your brain and perhaps spirit naturally want a time of rest and decline. A time of “chill” and me, I seem to take it and then wallow in guilt because I had 9,000 things I should be doing! What are your thoughts?

My first day of RN school…. Sorta Kinda

Ok, not exactly my first day of RN school at all. But, it is my first day ever blogging about it! Join me for this splendid stroll through my transformation. So far, it has been amazing. Difficult and very emotional. That was the surprising part to me. The emotional aspect that is totally unrelated to patient suffering but, more linked to the dynamics of the program. My program is smaller and we are clustered into groups of about 20, give or take. The attitudes, mood swings, departures, touch each of our lives in ways that were unforeseeable, much like the dynamics of a professional family. This process is sometimes so painful and awkward. It is hard to put into words. So here, we are,  the end of Med Surg 1. Major Exhale…. Unit exam, skills performance exam and final exam. term over!!!!

Mini-break barely time for a refuel and on to the next leg of this trip. Med Surg 2 and Psych Nursing, mental health. Ooh Rah (shout out). The biggest issue is a self vs. self conflict. Remain focused. Way easier said than done. Prayer must be the answer. It’s almost as if I am a strap that has carried the load through many of trips and now the threads are pulling and popping. I am yearning to wrench free of the load and be free! Free of what? You either then get re-attached without the original glamour or you get tossed away,( in the event that you are a handle on let’s say a purse or something)! Perhaps, I better cling to my dream and sanity and try to keep those wild threads in check and on the grindstone…… The madness within that spills out while in RN school.